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Water technology

Calcification and corrosion in water pipes are a common and serious problem for owners, managers and owners' communities of condominiums. During the refurbishment and repair of pipe damages incurred high costs for the owner of the condominium.

The new drinking water regulation, which entered into force in 2003, also requires urgent action. Rust and pitting in pipelines are a major problem in private household. Despite harmless acting characteristics with respect to the human Use of the water is an aggressive medium, due to its chemical properties and ingredients dissolved in the water a priori. The corrosive properties of water result in inadequate protection of lines and lack of care over time for the release of house internal corrosion products from the pipe material into the drinking water. Elevated iron or copper values ​​are then the result, exceeding the limits of the new drinking water regulations and may also allow the tubes grow slowly.

INDUS removes existing deposits of lime and rust your system and recommends to the chem. Cleaning the installation of customized systems that help prevent further pipe infarction. Do not wait until the pipeline total accrues, because then it can be very expensive. Removal of the deposits is not possible in such a case.

INDUS flushes your hot / cold cycles with a clingstone specialty chemicals, lime & rust away. Then it is rinsed and the pipes internally coated with an inhibitor, delaying the renewed Korrision the pipes.