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ITA, Indus Technologie Austria, has been dealing with pipe cleaning in industry, commerce and the home for over 30 years. On the threshold of the 21st century the company is completely redefining this sector of the service industry. With the highest standards both in the service sector and in the range of innovative products it has to offer for the industry.

A nationwide network of service centres in Austria ensures that INDUS employees are available around the clock and can react immediately to emergencies. And it's payment by results, with 3 month's guarantee!

In order to make pipe cleaning more efficient Indus has developed its own pipe cleaning system, with a worldwide patent. Simple to apply, it is comparable with conventional systems in terms of performance, and in many cases saves having to lay expensive new pipes. And all that performance at impressively low prices!


Our services:

  • Removal of blockages from all pipe systems
  • Maintenance of sanitary and wastewater pipes
  • Degreasing, decalcifying, decoking
  • Surface cleaning
  • Pigging = Cleaning pipelines kilometres in length by means of a pipe cleaning pig (more details on request!)
  • Cleaning for fire prevention purposes (degreasing kitchen extractor systems)