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Pipe cleaning

Over months and years to put in the budget at drainpipes Ablagerungenan the pipe inner walls fixed. The tube is growing too slowly. The tube inner walls are rough and debris can settle. The pipe blockage is complete. We eliminate with specially developed Patented ball mills the Innenverkrustung, the pipe is free again!

By encrustations overgrown downpipes Incidental amounts of water can no longer run, -Rückstau and water damage are usually the result! It does not reach the point where - we recommend the only truly efficient, developed vonINDUS and patented method, encrusted pipes quickly and carefully freizufräsen again - INTEC - Cleaning The days when an overgrown or blocked pipe had to be removed, are finally over!
Valuable pipe or channel systems, which are the lifeblood of an entire object, require careful maintenance.