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The cleaning and pollution control of ventilation systems in companies, productions and gastronomy has become an ever greater concern in recent years. INDUS cleans all types of ventilation systems in accordance with ÖNORM, with certificate for submission to regulators.
Through economic construction building envelopes become more dense, therefore the ventilation in the buildings is crucial for our well-being. Debris in ducts that contain under favorable circumstances, spore-forming bacteria and mold, which can have harmful effects. To ensure the life -and work quality, compliance with the Austrian standards was made compulsory in connection with the Working Conditions Act.

In buildings with ventilation systems the air is often under heavy load, the channel system of this equipment often settle in viruses, bacteria and molds. These microorganisms have an extremely high metabolism rate. Depending on temperature and humidity they multiply millions of times and distributed by the airflows in all rooms. You can endanger the health of people working in acute. This phenomenon is called the "sick building syndrome". An additional risk is the spread of pathogens through the ventilation system in the whole building. Contagions and absenteeism are then often the consequence!

The solution:
Precautionary investigation / examination of the HVAC system, regular maintenance of the plant and filters and air cleaning Hygienic ÖNORM H6021, H 6030th