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The INTEC process, as a further development of existing methods, produces far better results than conventional procedures. It guarantees outstanding effectiveness, even in those hard-to-clean bends in the pipe, along with improved efficiency thanks to a reduction in the effort required, and finally it delivers results that will last at least twice as long. Indus can guarantee to restore 90 percent of the original diameter of the pipe as a result of the fact that the spherical cutters used are only 10 percent smaller than the pipe diameter..

Conventional cleaning:   INTEC- process:
In the case of waste pipe cleaning the tenant must be present, removal of the toilet bowl.
Apartment owners/Tenants

Tenant does not have to be present - the pipe system is only opened at its beginning and end.

Mechanical cleaning is inefficient, knocking off the encrustation to fall down the waste pipe and leading to the risk of blockages.
High-pressure water cleaning brings with it the risk of flooding for the apartments.
The results of cleaning with the spherical cutting head are measurably better; even pipes completely blocked with encrustation can be restored to normal. Cleaning is preferred to relaying as the ideal solution by the insurance companies.
The probability of damage occurring is great, the effectiveness is inadequate, and the durability of the outcome of the work is not satisfactory. The consequence is rapid loss of image, and in the worst-case scenario, public liability insurance premiums will rise.
Pipe cleaning- companies

It is possible to build up plenty of potential without a lack of efficiency or possible consequential damage coming into the question. The high quality of the performance is appropriate for that of a professional, specialist company, and will noticeably improve its image.