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In the INTEC process a spherical cutting head sitting on a shaft rotating at a variable speed is pulled from the bottom upwards through the blocked pipes. The encrustations are removed evenly and, even more importantly, in granular form - in contrast to the conventionally used flail, with which slabs of material become detached, drop down the pipe and collect in bends, and can rapidly lead to flooding during the cleaning operation.

In the case of the INTEC cutting head there are six channels incorporated in the head to ensure that the material is carried away backwards during the cleaning process. As a result of their design these cutters cope easily with bends, thus guaranteeing rapid removal of 90 percent of deposits, even in bends in the pipe.

The whole thing is powered by a pipe cleaning machine with a powerful motor. Its speed is infinitely adjustable, with the result that loss of performance is virtually excluded even in difficult working areas. For particularly stubborn areas of application it is also possible to upgrade the machine by adding a pulsed mode.

Advantages of the INTEC process

  • Safety: In our experience the deposits that come free and fall down the pipe form blockages below the pipes that have been cleaned. INTEC-system cutting means: from the bottom up!
  • Efficiency: For the first time it is possible to remove all deposits completely from vertical pipework .
  • Reduced effort: For the first time it is possible to cut through all the deposits in all the pipes from the manhole in the cellar right up to the vent on the roof in one operation.
  • Quality: It is possible to restore the original diameter of pipes in both vertical and horizontal waste pipes without any unpleasant disruptions.
  • Economy: Renovation brings extended useful life to drainage systems.
  • Cost-awareness: The INTEC system can even be used for completely encrusted waste pipes. There is no longer any need for the costly replacement of waste pipes.


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