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THE INTEC cutters
A new twist with spherical heads.

The patented INTEC spherical-headed cutters enable the simple, thorough removal of even heavy deposits. As a result of the spherical shape of the cutters, any changes in direction in the pipes or even 90° bends no longer present a problem.

The encrustations are ground down to granulate in the course of the operation, and carried away backwards by way of the six channels incorporated in the tool, thus avoiding the biggest problem of conventional cleaning, the washing away of larger pieces of material that could possibly lead to flooding during the cleaning process. And damage to the pipes such as may occur when using cross-blade drills is impossible.

INTEC spherical cutters are available in various diameters for all common pipe sizes, and make it possible to restore pipes to 90 percent of their original diameter, as the cutters are always 10 percent smaller than the pipe diameter. For a 50 mm pipe you would therefore choose a 45 mm cutter. They are compatible with all common cleaning spirals.