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FräserTHE E - 816. Just the twist that you need.

The INTEC E-816... is the first portable pipe cleaning machine with electronic speed control, which is primarily used for feed pipes leading into vertical waste pipes. As a conventional drive unit with a spiral spring it differs from competitors' products in that it has some trend-setting innovations:

... it offers freely adjustable speeds in the range between 50 and 1,800 rpm.
... it has a powerful drive unit with a 0.35 kW motor.

This means that loss of power is virtually excluded in all speed ranges, stress on materials is kept to a minimum - the spiral springs are protected and safety is increased for the fitters, as there is no longer any smashing of the springs.

... it optimises the operating processes as a result of its design and structure.
The speed can be very easily adjusted by turning a knob. The reversing option for clockwise/anticlockwise operation is perfect for extracting spiral springs; there is also the option of setting it up for pulsed rotation, which can be particularly useful with stubborn deposits. In addition to which the light weight and user-friendly design of the machine, including for example a storage space for tools or cutting heads, as well as an optional carrying strap make working with it even easier.

The following already rely on the E-816:

  • SUS Abflussdienst Wien
  • Hydro Ingenieure Traismauer
  • Haniel Rohr- u. Kanalservice Hannover
  • O.Ö. Landesnervenklinik Wagner Jauregg
  • Landeskrankenhaus Wels
  • Biraghi Rohrreinigung Mailand
  • u.a.