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Biowater AquaInduct

Chemical-free descaling with the aid of electromagnetic fields.

STAP the new method an electromagnetic field with the induction pipe is produced. In this sub-microscopic clusters of ions dissolved in water are formed by the excitation induced by the STAP method the coil current electromagnetic fields, so-called.. These clusters act as the above-mentioned nuclei and favor particularly in heating the fluid in the precipitation of calcium carbonate in the form of suspended particles. This results in a to form lime scale on the inner walls of pipes, boilers etc. standing in competition process. In other STAP method deposited by precipitation from the water more ions at these nuclei, which leads depending on length of electromagnetic exposure to a remarkable growth of these airborne particles.

Your advantages:

Environmentally friendly

  • Environmentally friendly water purification, minimized use of chemicals
  • Biological limescale solutions
  • Targeted control of microorganisms
  • Optimal water disinfection solutions
  • Water saving and thus active resource conservation


  • Cooperation with two independent accredited specialist laboratories
  • Continuous research activities
  • Extensive network of contacts with innovators and developers in the renewable energy
  • International experienced team of experts in the field of water treatment
  • Thoughtful financing concepts

Holistic optimized

  • Based on an extensive research cause an individual action plan is drawn up
  • Goal: optimally matched to the customer process and product solutions
  • Holistic customer care begins with the analysis of problems on the proposals of the employed
  • Technology to questions of funding and implementation.
  • Durability of the products, that is, high quality requirements for each individual product